About the brand Arbor

Since 1995, Arbor has been in the business of making the most beautiful snowboards we think can be bought. One of the few in the entire snowboard market, they work with a real wood topsheet which provides the distinctive "wood" look. They also produce since day 1 with the climate in mind. Because of this, they are also known as a Hippy brand.

Today these cool Arbor boards come in all kinds of shapes and colors.


Arbor Snowboards

Powerplys, Or the wooden trademark. The real wood topsheets made of thin wood veneer provide a distinctive feel to snowboarding that no other board can match. It adds extra life to a snowboard. Plus, with your own Arbor board with Powerply, you have a truly unique board. Nobody has the same wood grain as yours. These topsheets come in 5 variations, all with their own characteristics. There is Bamboo powerply, Fraxinus, Walnut and Maple.

Arbor bindings

Besides boards, they have been making a nice series of snowboard bindings for several years now. Both for women and men. They have several models here. The Arbor Hemlock, Cypress and the women's binding the Sequoia. The Cyrpress is the stiffer freeride oriented binding where the Arbor Hemlock is a bit more forgiving and more focused on the freestyle snowboarders or beginner. The Sequoia is an all-round women's binding with a friendly flex. All bindings are equipped with nice magnesium buckles.

Technique behind the Arbor

Arbor works with 2 systems. System Rocker and System camber. Both have their own properties so the rocker really boards like a rocker and the camber like a camber but with the friendly properties you would expect from Arbor.


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