Replacing rattles and ratchets on snowboard bindings

Of course, you don't want to miss half a day of your winter sport by having to look for a snowboard shop where they can help you with a faulty ratchet or ratchets. Therefore, always check your snowboard binding parts before you go on a winter sports trip to avoid disappointment.

When you notice that the Ratches of your snowboard bindings are worn out, it is advisable to replace these important parts in time. Do you do this too late? Then you might miss a whole day on the slopes. You will have to look for spare ratchets on the spot. You may have to search for a long time because not every shop carries your brand of bindings. Precious time you would have rather spent on the slopes.

Unfortunately, not all ratchets are universal. Every brand has its own thickness and width. In our assortment you will find ratchets from different brands of bindings. Among others from Flow, Rome, Union and Burton. Don't have the right straps for you in stock? Then feel free to contact us so we can look for you.

snowboard binding ratches

Spare ratchets and snowboard bindings online

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