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Snowboard maintenance kits: for perfect performance in the snow

If you are an avid snowboarder then you know that maintaining your snowboard is a must. A well-maintained snowboard glides better and has a better grip. A good snowboard maintenance set should not be missing. If you are looking for complete snowboard maintenance sets to keep your board in perfect condition, you've come to the right place. In our collection you'll find snowboard polish and wax sets from brands like Holmenkol and Oneball

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Snowboard maintenance set to wax a snowboard yourself

Most snowboarders wax their boards once a year. Is that enough for a whole week of snowboarding? That depends on a number of factors. The friction of your base with the snow creates a thin film of water. This water will need to be drained if you want to glide. Wax accelerates the water drainage. When you go snowboarding for a week and the snow is wet due to the high temperature, the base of your snowboard will lose its wax faster than when it is freezing cold. Most stores machine wax your snowboard. That in itself is fine. However, it does not get the maximum wax into the base of your board. We therefore recommend waxing your snowboard with hot wax applied with a wax iron. In our snowboard maintenance sets you will find all the necessary items to maintain your base for maximum sliding performance.

Snowboard maintenance sets for sharpening the steel edges of your board

If you always expect a good grip when you go snowboarding, regular sharpening of the steel edges of your snowboard is a must. We offer snowboard maintenance kits that contain all the necessary items to sharpen the steel edges of your snowboard so you always get a perfect grip. We often get the question; How often should I sharpen my snowboard? That depends on what conditions you have been snowboarding in. If the piste is quite icy it may be logical that the steel edges of your board will become blunt and less sharp faster. Is there not much snow and are there pebbles visible? Then you will soon have burrs on the steel side of your snowboard.

Do your own maintenance with a complete snowboard maintenance set

Are you planning to maintain your snowboard yourself? Then a good and complete snowboard maintenance set should not be missing. In the beginning, you might find it a bit exciting to do it yourself. Maintaining your snowboard yourself is not higher math. If you are a bit handy and you have a snowboard maintenance set to wax and sharpen your snowboard yourself, you will definitely succeed. You'll soon notice that you get better and better at it. The best part is that you will also experience a better result than when you take your snowboard to the shop for maintenance. Get started and experience more snowboarding fun!

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Order your snowboard maintenance kit easily and quickly at Want to start maintaining your snowboard yourself and need tips or explanations? Come to our snowboard shop. We are happy to help you get started and teach you the basics of maintaining your snowboard yourself.

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