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What is a sintered base? plus-icon

A sintered base, also known as a gesintered base, refers to the type of base used on a snowboard. It is a construction method where the base of the snowboard is made from compressed polyethylene (PE) pellets under high pressure and heat. The result is a strong and durable base that offers excellent glide on snow.

Advantages of a sintered base? plus-icon

The major advantage of a sintered base is its porous nature, which allows it to absorb wax effectively. Additionally, a sintered base is harder than an extruded base, which helps maintain the base's profile for a longer period of time. These benefits contribute to faster glide performance of the snowboard.

Disadvantages of a sintered base:? plus-icon

A sintered base requires regular maintenance, especially waxing the snowboard. Due to the porous structure of the sintered base, it can absorb dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Regular waxing is necessary to maintain the glide performance and protect the base. This requires more effort and time compared to an extruded base, which generally requires less maintenance.

What is the cost of a snowboard with a sintered base? plus-icon

Snowboards with a sintered base are generally more expensive than snowboards with an extruded base. The production process of a sintered base is more complex and costly, which can result in a higher price for the snowboard. A snowboard with a sintered base typically starts at around €400.

Glide faster with a sintered base snowboard

You probably recognize it. Flat connecting sections between slopes where you come to a standstill. And meanwhile you see other snowboarders continuing to glide. You get out of your back binding and start to step. Super frustrating when you're plodding along while others pass you by. But why is it that some Boearders don't have to step? One of the main reasons is that the boarders who glide longer probably have a sintered base snowboard. A sintered base is harder and absorbs more wax so you glide longer and faster.

What is a sintered base snowboard?

Sintered base is a name for the way the core of the snowboard is produced. Like an extruded base, a sintered base is made of polyethylene. From this material, small balls are made after which they are pressed together under high pressure. This makes the material harder and creates small pores in the board. The pores allow a sintered base to absorb more wax.

sintered base snowboard

Advantages of a sintered base snowboard

A snowboard with a sintered base offers several advantages because of its high-quality materials and construction. Sintered bases are produced by pressing small particles of polyethylene together under high pressure and heat, creating a durable and low-pore base.
The main advantage of a sintered base is its excellent sliding performance. The base absorbs less wax than a sintered base, allowing the board to glide faster and longer at high speed, especially on flat sections and groomed slopes. This makes sintered bases ideal for experienced riders eager for speed.
In addition, a sintered base offers better performance in powder snow. The low-pore structure prevents snow from adhering to the board, making it easier for the board to glide through deep snow and experience less drag.
Another advantage of sintered bases is their durability. They are less prone to wear and damage than sintered bases, making the board last longer and require less maintenance.
In short, a snowboard with a sintered base is ideal for experienced snowboarders looking for improved gliding performance, speed and durability. It is the perfect choice for riders who want to enjoy smooth rides at high speed and glide effortlessly through a variety of snow conditions, from groomed slopes to deep powder.

snowboard met een sintered base

How to maintain snowboard with a sintered base?

Maintaining a snowboard with a sintered base is essential to maintain the board's performance and durability. Here are some important steps for maintenance:

  1. Regular waxing: A sintered base requires regular waxing to optimize gliding performance. Wax the board at least once per season, but more often if you ride often. Use wax that is appropriate for the temperature and conditions of the snow.
  2. Clean the base: Remove dirt and residue after each ride with a soft brush. Use a base cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and wax residue.
  3. Sharpening the edges: Sharpen the edges of the snowboard to maintain grip and control. Preferably do this at the beginning of the season and in between if necessary.
  4. Store the board properly: Store the snowboard in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight and heating elements.
  5. Repair damages: Repair any damage to the base or edges as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  6. Have the board serviced annually: Take the snowboard to a professional snowboard store every year for a thorough maintenance, including repairing deeper scratches and structure on the base.

By properly maintaining your snowboard with a sintered base, you can extend the life of the board and continue to enjoy optimal performance on the mountain.

Which snowboard has a sintered base?

Simply put, advanced and expert snowboards have sintered bases. To keep the price down, beginner snowboards usually have an extruded base. There is nothing wrong with that, since beginners don't want to reach very high speeds. Every freeride snowboard also has a sintered base. These boards are automatically in the higher segment.

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