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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is the difference between a snowboard pants and a ski pants? plus-icon

While both pants have similar features, snowboard pants are usually slightly looser in fit to provide more freedom of movement during snowboarding. Ski pants are often more tailored and may fit tighter.

Are all snowboard pants insulated? plus-icon

No, not all snowboard pants are insulated. There are insulated pants with built-in warmth and shell pants without insulation, which are ideal for use in warmer conditions or for those who prefer to choose their own layers.

Are snowboard pants waterproof? plus-icon

Yes, most snowboard pants are waterproof and have a waterproof rating measured in millimeters of water column (mm). The higher the number of mm, the more water pressure the pants can withstand.

Are snowboard pants windproof? plus-icon

Yes, most snowboard pants have a windproof feature, which is essential to keep you warm and comfortable during snowboarding in cold and windy conditions.

Can I wash my snowboard pants in the washing machine? plus-icon

Yes, most snowboard pants can be safely washed in the washing machine. However, always consult the washing instructions on the label before doing so.

Buying snowboard pants

Are you still looking for a good pair of snowboard pants before going on winter sports? Then you've come to the right place. Snowboard pants protect you from cold and wind. They should also be breathable and waterproof. This keeps you warm and dry while snowboarding. For every type of snowboarder, we have the right snowboard pants. For example, a freerider who regularly hikes for 2 hours wears a shell. Are you more of a piste boarder and usually go to the snow in January? Then a snowboard pant with more insulation is recommended.

We have put together a nice collection of Picture and Airblaster. We also have cool matching snowboard jackets from the same brands.

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Airblaster snowboard pants

Airblaster is an American company run by snowboarders for snowboarders, which fits exactly in our vision. All snowboard pants from Airblaster have a minimum water column of 10,000 mm. This makes all snowboard pants waterproof.

Picture snowboard pants

The full name of this beautiful brand is Picture Organic Clothing. The brand makes super cool snowboard clothing that is made in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

For example, Picture snowboard pants are made of recycled polyester and have a minimum water column of 10,000 mm. This makes all snowboard pants waterproof!

What should a good snowboard pant comply with?

A good snowboard pant is an essential part of your snowboarding equipment and should meet several important criteria to provide optimal performance and protection on the mountain.

First, snowboard pants should be waterproof to keep you dry in wet and snowy conditions. It is important to pay attention to the waterproofness level, expressed in millimeters, with a higher number offering better protection against moisture.

In addition, the breathability of the pants is very important. A good snowboard pant wicks away moisture and sweat so you don't overheat during intense activities.
Insulation is also important. The pants should provide enough warmth to keep you comfortable on the mountain, but also not overheat in milder conditions.
A good fit is crucial for freedom of movement and comfort while snowboarding. The pants should be roomy enough to move easily and wear protective pads underneath if necessary.

Functionality is another important factor. Pants should have enough pockets to store essential items, and adjustable waistbands and gaiters can help adjust the fit and provide additional protection.

Durability is also important. A well-constructed pant made of durable materials will ensure that the pants will last a long time, even with heavy use on the mountain.
Finally, snowboard pants should also match your personal style preference and have a fashionable design. With pants that meet all these criteria, you are ready to enjoy your snowboarding adventures comfortably and confidently. For example, there are different types of snowbaord pants. These include insulated snowboard pants, Shell pants, snowboard Bibs and cargo pants.

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Why you should choose snowboard pants instead of ski pants

It is important to choose specific snowboard pants instead of ski pants because both activities have different requirements for clothing. Snowboarding and skiing each have their own movement patterns and styles, which means that equipment must be tailored to the specific needs of each sport.
A snowboard pant is designed with the needs of snowboarders in mind. It usually has a looser fit to provide more freedom of movement so snowboarders can easily perform their tricks and stunts. Also, snowboard pants often have a higher waist to prevent snow from getting into the pants while falling or sitting in the snow.
In addition, snowboard pants often have extra reinforcements on the knees and seat, because snowboarders often fall on their knees and backsides when learning new tricks. These reinforcements provide extra durability and protection.
Ski pants, on the other hand, are usually designed with a slimmer fit to promote aerodynamics while skiing. They often have a lower waist design to fit comfortably under a ski jacket. Ski pants also tend to have a more classic look and are less focused on freestyle or snowboard styles.
In short, by choosing snowboard pants instead of ski pants, you can benefit from a better fit, more freedom of movement and extra protection specifically tailored to the demands of snowboarding. This will help you fully enjoy your snowboarding adventures and move confidently on the mountain.

Snowboard pants with high water column

A good water column is important for snowboard pants because it indicates the degree of water resistance of the pants. It indicates how much water pressure the fabric can withstand before water begins to seep through. The higher the water column, the more resistant the pants are to wet conditions, such as rain, snow and slush.
For snowboarders, staying dry while riding is essential, especially since they often encounter wet conditions, such as fresh snow and powder. Pants with a good water column keep moisture from penetrating the inside of the pants, keeping you warm and comfortable.
Generally, a water column of 5,000 mm is considered waterproof and suitable for light to moderate precipitation. A water column of 10,000 mm or higher is considered highly water resistant and suitable for heavy precipitation and prolonged exposure to wet conditions.
In addition to a good water column, it is also important that the seams of the pants are taped. Taped seams prevent water from penetrating the stitching of the pants and provide additional water resistance.

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