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Lib Tech snowboards has been making great snowboards for a long time. Since day 1, Lib Tech has been a brand by snowboarders - for snowboarders. Partly known for the first working rocker board on the market. The Lib Tech Skate Banana.

The belief among the guys at Lib Tech snowboards is that anything is possible. If you can dream about it, you can make it. With the so-called 'kraftsmen' they have been building the best handmade boards for years. These kraftsmen are all snowboarders themselves who want to make the best board for you.

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They all do this together in the Mervin factory. The climate comes first. All Lib Tech boards are made with environmentally friendly materials and the Lib Tech snowboards are one of the few snowboard brands that are completely recyclable. Lib Tech says it makes the world's best boards: 'The dream boards'.

For this season, the men from Lib Tech present again a great collection of snowboards. Besides the well-known models like the Orca, Skate Banana and the Travis Rice Pro, they are coming out with a new pro model. The Lib-tech Golden Orca. This Orca performs even better in fresh powder. The nose and tail are just a bit longer than the current Orca.

Construction of Lib Tech snowboards

At Lib Tech, they work with 3 different shapes.

  1. Original Banana shape

Rocker between your bindings and mild camber outside your bindings. This creates a natural shape for turning and plenty of edge pressure. As a result, you experience a lot of grip. Also, this shape provides a lot of float and thus a surf feel in unprepared snow. The camber provides more control and pop in the board.

libtech banana

  1. C2 "The perfect hybrid"

This board is designed for normal snowboarding. The C2 shape has a lot more camber outside your feet than the banana shape. It still has rocker between the bindings. More camber gives more control and precision while snowboarding. More camber also means more pressure on the edges and more pop. The C2 comes in 2 variants, the C2X (xtreme) and the C2E (easy). The difference between the two is the amount of camber in the board.

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C3 "The world's best camber"

This board is designed for serious riding. The C3 camber has very mild rocker between the bindings. In addition, this board has extremely much more camber outside the bindings than the Banana shape. This results in more grip, stability and pop. It does require more strength and technique to ride this board. Not afraid of a challenge? Then be sure to check these boards out.

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Advantages of Lib Tech snowboards

Lib Tech snowboards offer a wide range of benefits that make them loved by snowboarders of all levels. These snowboards are characterized by their innovative technologies, durable construction and great performance in various conditions.

One of the main advantages of Lib Tech snowboards is their use of advanced technologies, such as the C2X contour and Magne-Traction. The C2X contour combines the versatility of camber between the bindings with playful rocker in the tip and tail, providing excellent grip and control in turns while providing forgiveness on landings. Magne-Traction, with its wave-cut side edges, offers unmatched grip on icy and hard surfaces, giving you confidence in tricky conditions.

In addition, Lib Tech is known for their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The snowboards are manufactured using environmentally conscious materials and methods, such as recycled plastics, bio-based synthetic resins and wood cores from sustainable forests.

Lib Tech Snowboards are also highly durable and long-lasting. They are hand-built in the United States and are designed to withstand harsh conditions, resulting in a snowboard that maintains its performance season after season.

Whether you are a novice snowboarder looking to improve your skills, or an experienced rider looking for high-performance snowboards, Lib Tech has a model for every riding style and preference. With their innovative technologies, durable construction and outstanding performance, Lib Tech snowboards are an excellent choice for snowboarders looking to get the most out of their snowboarding experience.

Snowboard Lib Tech techniques

Besides the above shapes, there are of course other great bits of technology in Lib's snowboards. One of the most famous is of course Magna Traction. These serrated steel edges provide more contact points with the snow; 7 contact points instead of the 2 you can expect with traditional camber. This gives you more grip on ice and hard slopes.

The snowboards from Lib Tech are also equipped with many beautiful woods, think Aspen, Paulowna, Beech and Balsa wood. These are all divided into the different constructions with names like, Firepower, Horsepower, Climax and the Orginal power construction. There are also of course different ways of fiberglass inlay and type of bases.

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Mervin, The brain behind Lib Tech snowboards

The Mervin Manufacturing plant is where the famous Lib Tech snowboards are made. Located in Sequim, Washington, United States, this factory is known for its dedication to innovation, environmental friendliness and high-quality production.

What sets the Mervin factory apart is their ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious manufacturing. They pride themselves on their use of environmentally friendly materials and production methods. For example, they use recycled plastics, bio-based resins and wood cores from sustainable forests to construct their snowboards. All with the goal of minimizing their carbon footprint and having a positive impact on the environment.

Another aspect that makes the Mervin factory unique is their emphasis on handmade craftsmanship. Unlike many other snowboard manufacturers, they strongly believe in maintaining an artisanal approach to building their snowboards. This allows them to carefully finish each snowboard by hand and check it for quality. This results in snowboards of unparalleled quality and performance.

Additionally, the Mervin factory is home to some of the most innovative technologies in the snowboard industry. From their famous C2X contour that provides the perfect balance of camber and rocker, to their Magne-Traction side edges that offer unparalleled grip on ice and hard snow, every Lib Tech snowboard is infused with breakthrough technologies that give riders an edge on the mountain.

In short, the Mervin Manufacturing facility is a place where passion for snowboarding and respect for the environment come together. With their commitment to sustainability, handmade craftsmanship and innovative technologies, Mervin remains a leader in the snowboard industry and continues to inspire snowboarders worldwide with their high-quality Lib Tech snowboards.

Lib Tech skate banana

The most famous board in Libtech 's line of snowboards is, of course, the Lib Tech skate banana. This typical rocker board was one of the first working rockers on the market. This is due to the BTX banana shape. This makes it super easy to spin around your own axis and the board doesn't bite on any terrain. The addition of Magne-traction to the sk8 banana also gives you an incredible amount of grip. Even on ice or hard patches of snow, the board maintains its grip. Magne-traction works like a serrated knife on the snow. This feature is found on all lib tech snowboards.

Lib Tech T Rice pro

In collaboration with Travis Rice, Lib-tech has released several pro boards. The most well-known are of course the Lib Tech T-rice pro and the TRS. Since 2018/2019, the Lib Tech Orca has been added. This last board is a true all-rounder that really feels like a fish in the water off the slopes.

Lib Tech Snowboard sets

Besides Lib Tech, Mervin also manufactures snowboards for Gnu and Roxy, as well as Bent Metal snowboard bindings. These bindings fit perfectly on Lib Tech snowboards in terms of specifications and color schemes. So do you want a snowboard set from Lib Tech with good snowboard bindings? Then be sure to check out Bent Metal bindings.

How do you sharpen Lib Tech snowboards?

Because the snowboards are equipped with Magna-Traction, the steel edges are a bit harder to sharpen. If you want to sharpen your Lib Tech board yourself, you will have to use a short file. If you do not have a short file, you can put a longer file in the holder. Shorter files get you over the 7 bumps easier. If you use too long a file you won't get the whole steel side. Don't have any experience sharpening a snowboard? We are happy to help. We can service your Lib-Tech snowboard or demonstrate grinding and waxing so you can do it the next very.

Lib Tech snowboards 2023

For winter 2023, there are more Camber snowboards in Lib-Tech's collection than ever before. The still growing trend of Carve snowboards and greater demand for snowboards with Camber is the reason for this. However, all boards are still equipped with Magna-Traction and where possible a rocker between the bindings for easy turning.

Why buy a Lib-Tech snowboard at

We have over 14 years of experience selling Lib Tech snowboards. As a result, we know Lib-Tech's products through and through. So we can perfectly advise which Lib Tech snowboard suits you best. Lib-Tech snowboards come with a minimal wax layer. We even find them somewhat dry. That's why we wax every Lib-Tech snowboard we buy or order by hand. We apply the hot wax with an iron so the wax is absorbed into the base. This way you can enjoy a carefree winter holiday without having to wax your snowboard first.

Want more information about Lib Tech snowboards? Feel free to contact us or drop by our snowboard shop in Oldenzaal. We love to show you our snowboard collection with a cup of coffee. Do you prefer to order online? Orders placed before 5 p.m. will be shipped the same day with PostNL. We don't charge shipping costs for sending snowboards.

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