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If there is one brand that makes beautiful snowboards, it is Arbor. Not only does a Arbor snowboard look beautiful because of the wooden topsheet, but the riding characteristics are also unprecedented! Arbor has been making boards in a traditional way with sustainable materials and construction methods since 1995.

Arbor snowboards

What makes a Arbor snowboard so unique?

The uniqueness of a Arbor snowboard is the topsheet. No one Arbor board is the same. The brand was the first to replace the standard plastic top layer with a wood veneer. Not only does this look great, it also improves performance.

Arbor Snowboards with Powerply topsheets

The distinctive Powerply topsheets are made of a durable wood or bamboo top layer. The natural grain provides the style that Arbor is known for. The function of the Powerply can be seen as an extra layer of fiberglass. Producing such a topsheet is a labor-intensive job. This is what makes Arbor so exclusive.

Arbor snowboards with a fast sintered base

Arbor works with 3 types of layers. Their best and unfortunately also most expensive sintered base snowboard provides unprecedented glide and great wax absorption. You can find this base on for example the Arbor Coda. The Crosslinked sintered base is the best of both. It really glides a lot nicer than an extruded base but can take more and is easier to repair than a Sintered base. And then of course we have the extruded base which requires less maintenance and can take a lot of abuse. The latter base can be found in Arbor Element.

Arbor snowboards with camber

Also unique to Arbor snowboards is that most models come in two variants. Namely a rocker and a camber variant. Arbor snowboards with camber have a longer effective steel edge for maximum edge grip and powerful edge changes. In addition, the camber profile provides more response and pop. Arbor snowboards have GripTech in the areas where the heels and toes touch the steel edge. This makes the boards easy to steer and feels more natural. To make sure Arbor boards don't bite at the tip and tail, uprise fenders are installed. The steel edge is off the ground, making the board less likely to dig in and the edge change feels more natural. The GripTech together with the Uprise Fenders and the camber profile calls Arbor The Camber System.

Arbor Snowboards with Rocker

Besides Camber, almost every Arbor snowboard also has a rocker variant, also called parabolic rocker by Arbor. The degree of rocker neet toward the tip and tail. In general, rocker snowboards have less grip. This is because the effective steel edge is shorter. To compensate for this, Arbor snowboards applied GripTech. At the places where the heels and toes push on the steel edge, the steel edge runs slightly outward. This ensures that each steel edge has four contact points. The combination of Rocker and GripTech is called The Rocker System by Arbor.

Stiffer Arbor Snowboards due to Carbon

Not all of their boards contain carbon but when they do it can be of 4 types, with lots of carbon in a straight line or at an angle. This can provide more life, stiffness or response in a snowboard. The carbon is always inlaid with a matching wood core. All woods used for this are FSC approved.

Arbor Element

The Arbor Element is the snowboard that started it all. The Element has been the cornerstone of the beautiful brand for years and can truly be called one of the world's best all mountain snowboards. The rocker combined with GripTech gives a super comfortable feel without losing grip and control. The Arbor Element combines well with the Hemlock snowboard binding.

Arbor Coda

The Arbor Coda is a freeride snowboard that feels at home both on the slopes and in powder. The System Camber combines parabolic camber with GripTech and raised steel edges for maximum response, precision and grip. The Coda has a Directional Twin shape which means the nose is slightly longer than the tail making the board still great switch to ride. You don't have to worry about not being the first one down. The board has a super fast sintered base.

Arbor Shiloh

In 2020 Arbor came out with the Shiloh for the first time. The Arbor Shiloh has the exact same shape as its big brother Coda. The Shiloh features a Biax fiberglass where the Coda has a core reinforced with a mix of biax and triax fiber. This makes the Shiloh just a little milder and friendlier. Don't underestimate the Shiloh! We think it will become one of the most popular Arbor snowboards in the collection.

Arbor snowboards

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We are proud to have this beautiful snowboard brand in our assortment.

Besides Arbor snowboards, we also have Arbor bindings in our collection.

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