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When you prefer to spend all day on the mountain, a good snowboard backpack should not be missing from your equipment. A good snowboard backpack makes sure you can safely carry important things like water bottles, food, extra clothes and tools. Don't have a snowboard backpack yet? Snowboards.comeu is the place to be. In our collection you'll find great snowboard backpacks from different brands like Dakine and Burton.

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Practical snowboard backpacks

The Practical snowboard backpacks from Dakine combine quality materials with innovative and practical winter sports features. For example, you can mount your snowboard on every backpack. On some models horizontally and some vertically and some both ways. In addition, the snowboard backpacks offer space for a shovel, camelbag and much more. All snowboard backpacks feature comfortable and wide shoulder straps so that the straps do not cut on your shoulders. In addition, the hip belt ensures that the backpack does not lean only on your shoulder but also on your hips which saves considerably. To fix the snowboard backpack in place, the backpack is equipped with a chest strap.

What to look out for when buying a snowboard backpack?

When buying a snowboard backpack, there are several important factors to consider so you can find a backpack that fits your needs and is comfortable while snowboarding.

  1. Size and capacity: Choose a backpack with enough room to carry all your necessary gear, such as your snowboarding gear, clothing, water bottles, snacks and personal items. Check the volume and number of compartments to make sure everything fits properly.
  2. Carrying system: The carrying system is crucial for comfort while carrying. Make sure the backpack has adjustable and padded shoulder straps, as well as a chest and waist strap to distribute weight evenly. A well-fitting backpack will prevent discomfort during long hikes.
  3. Snowboard attachment: Check if the backpack has a special snowboard attachment system, such as vertical or diagonal straps, to securely attach your snowboard while hiking. This allows you to keep your hands free and carry the snowboard securely.
  4. Water resistance: Consider a water-resistant or waterproof backpack to protect your gear from snow and moisture. This is especially important if you often snowboard in wet conditions.
  5. Additional features: Look for extra features such as integrated helmet protection, goggle pockets, avalanche equipment pockets, fleece-lined pockets for electronics and hydration system compartments. These features can make your snowboarding experience easier and more enjoyable.
  6. Comfort and fit: If possible, try on the backpack to make sure it is comfortable on your back and fits your body well. A well-fitting backpack will prevent chafing and discomfort while snowboarding.
  7. Durability: Choose a backpack made of high-quality materials and construction so it can withstand harsh conditions on the mountain and last a long time. A durable backpack is an investment for many snowboarding seasons.

By paying attention to these factors, you can find a snowboard backpack that meets your requirements for functionality, comfort and durability. That way, you can enjoy your adventures on the mountain with peace of mind, knowing that your gear is well organized and protected.

Snowboard backpacks combined with Mammoth R.A.S. system

The Mammoth system R.A.S. (Removable Airbag System) has been a proven system for years. The system is removable and compatible with Dakine snowboard backpacks. So are you looking for a good and safe snowboard backpack that you later want to expand with an airbag system? Then a snowboard backpack from Dakine is a good option.

Why wear a snowboard backpack while snowboarding?

A snowboard backpack is an essential accessory for any snowboarder, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider. It offers numerous advantages and makes your snowboarding experience much more enjoyable and practical.
First, a snowboard backpack provides enough storage space for all your necessities during a day on the mountain. You can easily carry your snowboarding equipment, such as gloves, hat, extra clothes and snacks, and keep them organized in different compartments. This eliminates the need to return to your accommodations or lockers each time, and allows you to spend more time snowboarding.
Another advantage is the ease of carrying your snowboard. Most snowboard backpacks have special attachment straps that allow you to securely attach your snowboard to the backpack. This allows you to keep your hands free while hiking to the slopes or through the snow. Moreover, carrying your snowboard on your back provides better balance and stability while walking.
In addition, a snowboard backpack provides extra protection for your gear. Many backpacks are water-resistant or waterproof, protecting your personal items, such as your phone, wallet and electronics, from moisture and snow.
All in all, a snowboard backpack completes your snowboarding experience by providing convenience, functionality and protection. It allows you to carry all your necessities and carry your snowboard in a comfortable and safe way, so you can fully enjoy your time on the slopes.

How much does a snowboard backpack cost?

The cost of a snowboard backpack can vary depending on the brand, size, features and quality of material. In general, you can expect prices to range from about €30 to €150 or more. Simple and basic backpacks without many extra features may be on the cheaper side, while premium branded backpacks with advanced features and high-quality materials may be on the higher end. It is important to consider exactly what you need in a snowboard backpack and consider your budget when making your choice. Invest in a quality backpack that will meet your needs and last a long time during your winter sports adventures.

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