THE Boardscompany

THE Boardscompany markets technical, High-end and energetic snowboards that you can have fun with. Going on winter sports and having fun. That's what this great snowboard brand is all about.

The story behind The Boardscompany

A team of board enthusiasts have taken control and developed high quality, technical and affordable snowboards. All boards in the collection are developed with the basics, enjoyment and fun on the mountain.THE Boards Company's boards are suitable for everyone. Whether you are young, old, beginner or professional.

Unlike many other brands, they do not produce seasonal collections but basic collection snowboards all year round.

Energetic snowboards from THE Boardscompany

The unique thing about THE boardscompany's snowboards is that they are suitable for every target group. THE Alfa, THE Prisma and THE Revolt all feature a combination of Carbon and Titanal. An important property of Titanal is that it retains energy. Where carbon immediately "jumps" back into its original shape, titanal does this more gradually. This makes the boards feel very comfortable and stable.

What does THE Boards Company stand for?

"I just want to have some fun." Recognize this? If not the song, then definitely the words. Everyone wants to have fun. When the work day is over, on weekends, during vacations, always.
Going on trips and having great experiences is what THE Boards Company is all about. They offer technical, high-quality and energetic snowboards to go out and have fun!
The Boards Company has designed the shapes of the snowboards for speed, agility and/or flexibility. Also, the materials used in our boards preserve the energy you put into them during use. So when you're on the snow, your board returns the stored energy in doses for optimal control, grip and a smooth ride.

the boardscompany

In addition, all snowboards feature Edge Lift and Edge Control Technology. Edge Lift Technology makes the board less likely to bite. The contact points are lifted 1.5 mm. This makes it easier to make turns and learn tricks.

Buy THE Boardscompany snowboards

Looking for a high-end snowboard but don't want to pay top dollar? Visit our snowboard shop in Oldenzaal or order online. Would you like to come see them? The coffee is ready! Do you buy a snowboard in our store? Then it will be hotwaxed immediately.

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