Custom snowboard soles

That snowboarding is awesome, of course, we've known for a long time. Yet there is a large group that suffers from cold and sore feet every day while snowboarding. Winter sports demand a lot from your body and you quickly suffer from burning feet, cramps or cold toes. Good insoles support the arch of your foot and reduce the pressure on your heel. As a result, the pressure is better distributed over the foot.

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Prevent fatigue and nerve pinching problems

While snowboarding, you don't unwind the foot. The pressure mainly alternates between the heel and forefoot. We don't make this movement in everyday life and it can cause nerve pinching problems. This causes tingling feet. In addition, it reduces blood circulation which can also cause cold feet.

Preventing pressure points caused by overpronation with snowboard soles

Besides preventing pinched nerves, snowboard insoles also prevent overpronation of the foot. When you bend your knees, your feet often tilt more inward. In addition, a large group of people have sagging feet. These feet will sag even further during snowboarding. Pressure points can then develop on the inside of the foot as it presses against the inside of the shoe. In addition, you can also get a sore little toe because the foot rotates slightly. Good snowboard soles support the foot so that overpronation is prevented.

The right arch support for a high instep

When you have a high instep, you will notice that you also have a lot of space under the foot. The pressure created during snowboarding causes the foot to sag. This causes the foot to become slightly longer and slightly wider. To prevent sagging of the foot, the arch of the foot should be padded. Most standard soles in snowboard shoes do not have a support function. Why not? Very simple. Every foot is different and needs a different sole. Someone with a flattened foot cannot stand on a high arch sole. Conversely, someone with a high instep (large space under the foot) has no support on a flat snowboard sole.

Sidas snowboard insoles for skiing or snowboarding

There are many different brands of insoles for a snowboard on the market. The market leader in this field is Sidas. A good sole is for example the winter version 3Feet from Sidas. The soles are available in 3 variants. Low, Medium and High. In addition, this winter version is equipped with aluminum insulation under the forefoot for extra insulation.

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