Wax irons

Everything you need to know about Wax Irons for Snowboard and Ski Maintenance

If you are an avid snowboarder (or skier), of course you know better than anyone else that a snowboard only eht good glide when it is waxed properly. The best way of waxing is to apply hot wax with a wax iron. These wax irons are designed to melt wax and apply it to the base of your snowboard or skis, significantly improving gliding performance. In addition, you extend the life of the equipment. Below, we'll go into detail on everything you need to know about wax irons, including different types and their uses.


Why wax with a Wax Iron and not an iron?

SPecial wax iron conitnu give off the same heat. The standard wax iron differ by up to 5 degrees. An iron that you use to iron your jeans or shirts, for example, receives a blast of electricity resulting in a peak after which the temperature drops again. In addition, different types of wax should be applied at different temperatures to avoid burning the wax. Wax for cold conditions should be applied at a higher temperature than wax for warm conditions.

Different types of wax iron

There are basically two different types of wax irons you can use to wax the base of your snowboard:

  1. Digital Wax Irons: Digital wax irons feature advanced technology that allows you to precisely control the temperature for melting the wax. These wax irons are ideal for users who want maximum control and precision over the waxing process. Digital displays make it easy to set and adjust the temperature to the specific wax being used. These wax irons deviate minimally, allowing you to get started with specialty waxes.
  2. Analog Wax Irons: Analog wax irons are more traditional wax irons with a simpler design and operation. They are easy to use and offer reliable performance for applying wax to snowboards and skis. Although they do not have advanced digital features, they are still effective for basic waxing and maintenance.

How do you use a wax iron?

Using a waxing iron requires some knowledge and technique to ensure that you do not damage the base of your snowboard or skis. Below are the general steps to follow to get a good result:

  1. Proper preparation: Make sure your snowboard or skis are clean and dry before you start waxing. Clean the base thoroughly to remove dirt and excess wax residue.
  2. Melt the Wax: Set the wax iron to the correct temperature for the wax used. Allow the iron to heat up and then melt the wax evenly over the base of the snowboard or skis. The most common mistake made is using too much wax. Wax should go into the pores of the base. Anything left on the base should be scraped off with a wax scraper.
  3. Spread the wax: Move the wax iron evenly over the base of the snowboard to spread the wax and make sure it is applied evenly. Do not leave the wax iron stationary in one spot to avoid burning your base.
  4. Allow the wax to cool: Let the wax cool and harden before you start scraping. This ensures that the wax adheres well to the base and is easier to remove.
  5. Scrape the Excess Wax: Use a wax scraper to remove excess wax from the base, applying even pressure to create a smooth surface.

Helpful tips for using wax iron

  • Choose the right temperature: Adjust the temperature of the wax iron based on the wax used and conditions on the slopes. The required temperature is indicated on the packaging of the wax.
  • Move constantly: Move the wax iron constantly over the base of the snowboard or ski to ensure even results and prevent burning.
  • Apply light pressure: Start with light pressure while waxing to prevent excessive wax build-up and not damage the base.
  • Clean the wax iron: Wipe off excess wax from the wax iron after use and clean with a soft cloth to prevent wax residue from accumulating and affecting performance.

Ordering a wax iron online

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