Gnu snowboards

The cool Gnu snowboards

Gnu comes from the past but has even seen the future by their own admission. Over the years they have never stopped at making a good handmade snowboard. It always has to be better. This will also remain their motto.

This combined with cool artists who provide the beautiful prints, they are also very busy organizing events. In short, Gnu exists for snowboarding.

All Gnu Snowboards are handmade by snowboarders for snowboarders in America. In addition, all Gnu snowboards are provided with good wax from OneBall. So every Gnu snowboard goes out the door ready to go.

They have been doing all this together in the Mervin factory since 1977. The climate comes first. All boards are made with environmentally friendly materials and also the snowboards are completely recyclable as almost the only snowboard brand in the world. In this factory also the Lib Tech and Roxy snowboard are made.

Do you know exactly which Gnu snowboard you want? Then take a quick look. Look here for our complete snowboard collection.

gnu snowboards

Structure of a Gnu board

Within Gnu they work with 3 different basic shapes and some boards are Asymmetrical, these boards are aptly named "Asym".

  1. Original Banana shape

With rocker between your feet and a little camber outside your feet, this provides a natural way of turning turns and good grip on the steel edge between your bindings. In addition, the rocker shape also provides plenty of float and thus a surf feel on powder. The piece of camber outside the bindings provides pop and control.

  1. C2 "The perfect hybrid".

Made for "normal snowboarding." This C2 shape has more camber outside the bindings as a Banana shape. This provides more precision, grip, pop and control while boarding. The piece of rocker between the bindings provides natural turning ability. This C2 comes in a variant with more camber the C2X and a mild variant the C2E.

  1. C3 "The world's best camber".

Made for the real deal. With the C3 camber shape you have a little rocker between your feet. However, it has extremely more camber outside the bindings than a C2 or banana shape. This gives you more grip, pop and stability. If you are not afraid of a challenge check out the C3 boards from Gnu.

Asymmetric Gnu snowboards

Long ago in a board meeting with many snowboarders together, it was established that every human body is different. What does this have to do with snowboarding? Well your backside (heel) turn is different from your frontside (toe) turn. This has to do with the pressure you can apply and how your body bends. So Gnu 's asymmetric snowboards have a different radius on the backside than on the frontside. So every turn feels perfect with a Gnu Asym snowboard.

Gnu Snowboard techniques

Besides the above shapes and the Asymmetric story, there are more beautiful pieces of technology in the snowboards from Gnu. One of the best known is Magna Traction, these serrated steel edges provide more contact points with the snow, 7 instead of the 2 you can expect with a traditional camber. This gives you more grip on ice and hard slopes and more feeling of grip because the board also makes contact with the bindings earlier. You may also know this technique from Lib-Tech snowboards.

gnu snowboard

What makes Gnu snowboards unique?

Gnu snowboards are distinguished by their unique and innovative designs. The brand is known for its ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly production processes. What makes Gnu truly unique is their use of advanced "Banana" rocker profiles, such as the "Original Banana" and "C2X," which provide a playful and forgiving riding experience.

Gnu is also a leader in the use of environmentally friendly materials and production methods, such as the use of sustainable wood cores and bio-plastic topsheets. In addition, they are known for their original and eye-catching graphics, which give the brand a quirky and artistic look. All these aspects make Gnu snowboards unique and loved by snowboarders looking for a combination of performance, innovation and eco-friendliness.

Gnu snowboard sets

Have you chosen a great snowboard from Gnu? Are you looking for a good binding to complete your set? We have put together some great Gnu snowboard sets for you. We've put together Gnu snowboards with bindings from Bent Metal. These bindings fit perfectly on Gnu boards. Just as crazy since the bindings and boards come from the same factory. Namely Mervin. Is your desired set not listed? Or would you like a Gnu snowboard with Flow bindings? Contact us and let us know which set you have in mind. We will always make you a nice set offer.

Gnu Essential Service

This season the Gnu Mullair will no longer be in the collection. Due to circumstances, Nicolas is no longer a team rider for the brand. Starting this season, the Mullair will be called the Gnu Essential Service. It is still a freeride snowboard with a C3 camber and a tapered tail.

The latest Gnu Snowboards

Also at Gnu snowboards for 2021, you see more and more Rocker boards slowly turning into Hybrid Rockers or even Cambers. This year we as Sideways have sourced more Gnu boards and even some ladies models including the Gloss and the Chromatic.

Check out our total selection of Women's and Men's snowboards or drop by our showroom in Oldenzaal. Popular boards fully in stock including the gnu carbon credit, the gnu billy goat, gnu riders choice and gnu mullair are not unknown to us.

Why buy a Gnu snowboard at

Your choice has fallen on an awesome snowboard from Gnu. Congratulations! At Sideways you've come to the right place for Gnu Snowboards. We have a long experience with Gnu. We can therefore perfectly advise you which model suits you best. Do you buy a snowboard with us? Then we make it completely ready so you can hit the slopes right away. We provide the new snowboard with a fresh layer of hot wax, which we apply manually. We also polish the steel edges to make them extra sharp.

Are you still hesitating between a Gnu board and another snowboard? Maybe we can help you make the right choice. To make sure you make the right choice, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Don't like the board, after a week of snowboarding? Come back to our store. You drop the rental fee and for the remaining amount you can pick out a new board.