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What are rear-entry bindings and how do they work? plus-icon

Rear-entry bindings are a type of snowboard binding where you step your foot into the back of the binding and then flip up the high back to lock your foot in place.

What are the advantages of rear-entry bindings compared to traditional strap-in bindings? plus-icon

Rear-entry bindings are often easier and quicker to put on than traditional strap bindings. They require less bending over and allow snowboarders to step in and out of their bindings rapidly.

Are rear-entry bindings suitable for beginners? plus-icon

Yes, rear-entry bindings are suitable for beginners due to their user-friendly nature. They are ideal for beginners who want to simplify their snowboarding experience.

Can I adjust rear-entry bindings for a good fit? plus-icon

Yes, rear-entry bindings often have adjustable straps and footbeds, allowing you to customize them to fit your feet and riding style.

Are rear-entry bindings as sturdy and responsive as traditional strap-in bindings? plus-icon

While rear-entry bindings are comfortable and convenient, some snowboarders believe that they may be slightly less sturdy and responsive than traditional strap bindings.

Buy snowboard bindings with rear entry

Snowboard bindings that allow you to step into the back are also called rear entry bindings. The highback at the back of the binding opens to allow your foot to slide in. The highback then hinges back up and locks into place. This saves you time because you don't have to adjust the ankle and toe strap every time.

The idea of bindings with a rear step is that once they are set correctly to fit your boot, you only need to open/close the highback to get your snowboard boots in/out. This also means that you can board directly from the elevator without having to sit on your butt.

Rear entry bindings compatibility

Rear entry bindings have the same 4x4 screw pattern as strap bindings, this means they can be mounted on any board. They can even be mounted on Burton snowboard with a Channel. So you can freely choose which brand of snowboard you would like to combine with rear entry bindings.

flow in bindingen

Advantages of rear-entry bindings

Rear entry bindings, also known as rear entry bindings, offer several advantages for snowboarders. One of the most important advantages is the ease and speed with which you can get in and out of the bindings. With the innovative design of rear entry bindings, you no longer have to slide your foot in and tighten your straps. Instead, you simply open the back panel of the binding, step in and close the panel with a quick release buckle. This saves time and hassle, especially on busy days on the mountain.

In addition, rear-entry bindings often offer a good fit and comfort. The straps can be adjusted precisely and provide a firm grip around your feet, giving you control and stability while snowboarding. In addition, many rear entry bindings have advanced cushioning systems and adjustable highbacks for added support and comfort.

For beginning snowboarders, rear-entry bindings can be an attractive choice because of their easy entry and ease of use. Experienced snowboarders also appreciate the efficiency and comfort of these bindings, especially on days when they need to get in and out of the bindings frequently, such as when practicing tricks at the snowpark. Overall, rear-entry bindings offer a user-friendly and comfortable binding option for snowboarders of different levels.

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Rear entry bindings from Flow.

The most popular and well-known rear entry snowboard bindings are Flow bindings. Flow was one of the first brands to come out with a rear entry binding. In recent years, these bindings have been further developed, eliminating all the disadvantages of this type of binding. For example, Flow bindings can also be used as strap bindings and the big strap comes up when you fold the highback back. This gives the boot more room to step into the back. Also, this allows you to adjust the binding tighter.

Fastec bindings from SP

An alternative to Flow bindings are rear-entry bindings from SP. These SP bindings are also called FastTec bindings. These bindings are for both women and men. Stepping in is quick and easy thanks to the Fastec system. When you open the straps with a simple movement, the highback automatically folds back, allowing you to step out of the binding quickly.

Rear step bindings are not only for beginners!

Rear-entry bindings are often associated with beginners because of their easy entry mechanism. However, it is important to know that these bindings are not only for beginners, but can also be very suitable for advanced and experienced snowboarders.

One of the main advantages of rear-entry bindings is the ease and speed of entry and exit. This makes them ideal for snowboarders who like to get up the mountain quickly and don't want to waste time adjusting straps. The quick release closure allows for efficient entry, giving you more time to enjoy your descents.

In addition, modern rear-entry bindings often offer advanced features and technologies that contribute to better performance and control. They may feature adjustable straps, highbacks and cushioning systems for custom fit and responsiveness.

It is important to emphasize that the choice between rear entry bindings and strap bindings depends on individual preferences and snowboarding styles. Some snowboarders prefer the traditional feel and customizability of strap bindings, while others prefer the convenience and time savings of rear-entry bindings.

In short, rear-entry bindings are not just for beginners, but can be an excellent choice for snowboarders of all levels looking for a quick and easy entry while still enjoying advanced performance on the slopes

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