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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is a rocker snowboard? plus-icon

A rocker snowboard, also known as a reverse camber snowboard, is a type of snowboard where the tip and tail are curved upward while the middle section (under the bindings) is closer to the snow.

What are the benefits of a rocker snowboard? plus-icon

The rocker shape causes the contact points of the snowboard to be closer to the center, making the board easier to turn and giving it a playful and forgiving feel. The raised portion in the tip and tail helps prevent the board from getting caught in deep snow by improving floatation. This makes rocker snowboards especially suitable for freestyle riding, beginners, park riders, and riding in powder snow.

What are the disadvantages of a rocker snowboard? plus-icon

It is important to note that rocker snowboards may have less stability and edge grip in harder and icy conditions compared to other snowboard shapes, such as camber or hybrid camber. Therefore, choosing a snowboard with a specific profile can depend on your riding style, experience, and the specific conditions in which you want to ride. Lib-tech and Gnu snowboards have implemented Magne-Traction to compensate for loss of grip.

When to choose a rocker snowboard? plus-icon

You may consider choosing a rocker snowboard if you intend to ride freestyle as it provides a playful and forgiving feel. It can also offer numerous advantages when riding in powder snow. The raised tip and tail help enhance floatation. For beginner snowboarders, a rocker snowboard can be a good choice. The rocker shape makes the board easier to turn and provides beginners with more control and stability, allowing them to build confidence and improve their skills more quickly.

Is a rocker snowboard only for beginners? plus-icon

No, a rocker snowboard is not only for beginners. While rocker snowboards are often recommended for beginners due to their forgiving and easy-to-turn nature, they can also be suitable for advanced and experienced snowboarders depending on their preferences and the conditions in which they ride.

Rocker snowboards from the best brands

Have you got your eye on a rocker snowboard? Then is the place to be. In our extensive collection of snowboards, you'll find rocker boards from the best brands like Lib Tech, Burton, Arbor, Gnu, Rome, Capita and Roxy. Camber and rocker describe the curve of a snowboard when viewed from the side. A rocker snowboard has a different profile than a flat snowboard because the front and back are slightly raised.

rocker snowboards

The origin of this profile

In the early 2000s, snowboards all had traditional camber tension. Midway through the first decades, a new technology came along that changed snowboard construction forever. The popularity of rocker led to many variations aimed at improving performance in almost any terrain. Most common types of rocker boards are Rocker/reverse camber snowboard & Hybrid rocker snowboard.

Reverse camber snowboards.

A reverse camber snowboard, also known as a V-rocker, is essentially the opposite of camber snowboard. It is a balanced arch that curves upward from the center of the board. The shape is very similar to the floor rail of a vintage rocking chair. In English, such a chair is called rocking chair. Know right away where the term rocker comes from.

Advantages of rocker snowboards

A rocker snowboard offers several advantages for snowboarders, especially in specific conditions. The board's upward curvature in the middle (rocker) allows for easy turning, prevents jamming in powder and makes the board more playful. It improves float in deep snow and reduces the chance of catching edges, making it more forgiving for beginners. In addition, the rocker makes it easier to butte and perform freestyle tricks. The emphasis on nose and tail contact allows for improved control when turning and freestyling. As such, a rocker snowboard is ideal for freestyle riders, powder rides and for snowboarders who like a playful and forgiving ride.

rocker snowboards

Rocker snowboards for beginners

It is sometimes said that rocker snowboards are for beginners or freestyle-oriented snowboarders. This is not entirely true. Yes, rocker boards ride very friendly and because the tip and tail are up, the board will not bite easily. That is an advantage for beginners and freestylers, and so many beginner snowboards have rocker. But you also have rocker snowboards with lots of pop and power that are very tight to steer and stable at high speeds. So there are also good advanced snowboards with rocker. In short: Choosing rocker is a matter of preference.

A rocker snowboard is more favorable than a camber snowboard because it performs better in powder and is more forgiving. The upward curvature in the center of the board prevents snagging in deep snow while improving float. The rocker design makes it easier to turn and perform freestyle tricks, and it minimizes the risk of catching edges, making it ideal for beginners. Camber snowboards have a more traditional arch shape, providing better pop and precision on hard slopes, but they are less forgiving in powder and require more technical skills.

Buy rocker snowboards online

You can buy a rocker snowboard safely and quickly at Need more information or advice on a snowboard? Feel free to contact us or drop by our snowboard shop to see the rocker boards in real life. In our store you'll find the same men's and women's rocker snowboards as in our webshop. Our snowboard shop is easily accessible and you can park your car for free.