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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!

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What snowboard length do I need?

To determine the right length of a snowboard, there are several factors to consider, such as your body weight, height, and riding style. In general, a snowboard should reach around your chin. Freestyle boards can be shorter than, say, a freeride snowboard

Which snowboard is right for me?

Finding the right snowboard to suit you depends on several factors, including your riding styles your level. In our webshop, you can easily and quickly filter by different characteristics so you will always find a snowboard that suits you perfectly

Where to buy snowboard?

Always buy your snowboard at a specialist. At, you can buy a snowboard online as well as in our snowboard shop. In our shop, we try to describe a snowboard as detailed as possible. Do you visit our shop? Then we'll personally help you find the perfect snowboard.

Snowboard what to look out for?

When choosing a snowboard, there are several important aspects to consider. Among others, pay attention to the right length, camber profile, Flexibility and the shape of a snowboard.

Why buy snowboard instead of rent?

The main reason why you might buy a snowboard instead of renting one is that you become familiar with the specific features and behaviour of your own snowboard. This can lead to a better overall experience and improved performance on the mountain.

You can find your new snowboard at Snowboards.EU, the #1 snowboard shop in Europe.

It's great that you're looking for a new snowboard. At, you've come to the right place for excellent service, personalized attention, and advice, as well as a beautiful extensive collection of snowboards from top brands. We have multiple suitable snowboards in stock for every target group, regardless of your skill level.

What to consider when buying a snowboard?

When purchasing a snowboard, it's essential to be well-informed and pay attention to certain important aspects. Here are some tips to ensure that you make the right choice and find a snowboard that perfectly suits your needs and riding style.

  1. Riding Experience and Skill Level: Consider your own experience and skills on the slopes. Beginners are best suited to a snowboard with more forgiveness, while advanced snowboarders may be looking for a board with specific features that align with their style and preferences.
  2. Snowboard Profile: Snowboards come with different profiles, such as camber, rocker, and hybrid. Each profile offers unique performance on various terrains. Camber for stability, rocker for agility, and hybrid for versatility. Choose a profile that fits your riding style and the conditions you often encounter.
  3. Board Length: The length of the snowboard is crucial and can impact stability and maneuverability. The right size depends on your body weight, height, and personal preferences.
  4. Flexibility: The flex level of a snowboard can range from soft to stiff. Soft boards are suitable for beginners and freestyle riders, while stiffer boards are more suitable for advanced riders and freeriders.
  5. Brand and Quality: Opt for reputable brands known for their quality and durability. Good brands often provide warranties and support for their products.

Take these important factors into account when buying a snowboard, and let your impressive snowboarding adventure begin!


Buy your snowboard in our snowboard shop.

If you have any questions, for example, about which type of snowboard suits you best or what length of snowboard is suitable for you, feel free to contact us. Even better, come visit our snowboard shop. In our store, you will find the same items as in the online shop. Our shop is easily accessible, and you can park for free right in front of the door. When you visit our snowboard shop and seek advice on which snowboard is best for you, our specialist will always inquire about your skill level or the number of weeks of experience you have. Your height, shoe size, and sometimes your weight. What is your riding style, and what do you expect from a snowboard? With the answers to these questions, we can make a selection of several snowboards that best fit your preferences

Snowboards for everyone.

In our store, as well as in our webshop, you'll always find a suitable snowboard. In our webshop, you can easily and quickly navigate to the snowboard that best suits you. Easily filter snowboards for beginners, intermediate, and expert riders to find a snowboard that perfectly matches your skill level. Additionally, we offer a perfect snowboard for every riding style, such as freestyle, freeride, park, all-mountain, and carve.

Each snowboard designed for a specific riding style also comes in a different shape. You can choose from snowboards with a true twin shape, directional shape, or a directional twin shape. To make it even more exciting, snowboards also come with various profiles, and each profile significantly influences the riding characteristics of a snowboard. In our shops, you can find snowboards with rocker, camber, and flatbase profiles.

So, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate rider, or an expert, and no matter your preferred riding style, we have the perfect snowboard for you. Explore our wide range of snowboards in-store or on our webshop to find the one that suits your preferences and elevates your snowboarding experience!


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Why buy a snowboard at Snowboards.EU?

Both in our online webshop and physical snowboard shop, we strive to provide you with the best possible information so that you can make informed choices between different snowboards, bindings, or snowboard shoes. Service and knowledge are our top priorities in the snowboard shop. We are passionate about snowboarding and love to share our enthusiasm, aiming to help you get the most out of your next snowboard trip.

Snowboards from the best brands

At Snowboards.EU, you can find all the top brands of snowboards. Think of names like Never Summer, Bataleon, Rome, Capita, Arbor, Lib Tech, Burton, Gnu, Nitro, The Boardscompany, and Jones. Each brand has its own unique specifications and riding characteristics. We regularly test various snowboards from different brands to stay up-to-date with the latest models. Of course, a good set of snowboard bindings is essential. That's why we offer an extensive collection of bindings from well-known brands like Clew, Flow, Bent Metal, Jones, Arbor, Bataleon, Union, SP, and Drake.

By providing expert advice, offering products from top brands, and ensuring quality in our selection, Snowboards.EU aims to be your ultimate destination for all your snowboarding needs.

Ordering a snowboard online at Snowboards.EU

Do you know exactly which snowboard you want to buy? Easily and quickly order it from our online shop. In our webshop, you can easily filter to find the snowboards that match your preferences. If you place an order for a snowboard before 16:00, we will ship it to you the same day in a special snowboard box. If you're unsure between different models or what length of snowboard you need, feel free to contact us. Once your snowboard is shipped, you will receive a track & trace code to easily monitor its delivery