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That your snowboard needs maintenance is sometimes forgotten. That's a pity, in our opinion. A well maintained snowboard glides much better. You have more grip on hard slopes and you glide longer on less steep parts. Do you have no idea how to maintain your snowboard? We at Sideways are happy to help. We have a nice and extensive collection of materials for snowboard maintenance. Check out our maintenance set!

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Maintain your snowboard with waxing

Most people wax their snowboard once a year. Is that sufficient maintenance for your snowboard? That depends on a number of factors or. The friction of your snowboard with the snow creates a thin layer of water. This water needs to be drained if you want to glide. Wax accelerates the water drainage. Should you go on a week's ski trip and the snow is wet due to the high temperature. Then the snowboard will lose its wax faster than when it is freezing cold. In most stores skis and snowboards are waxed by machine. In itself this is fine. However, there is not enough wax in the base. We recommend waxing your snowboard or ski with hot wax applied with an iron.

When and how often should you wax your snowboard?

Snowboard maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your snowboard and maintain optimal performance on the slopes. It is recommended to maintain your snowboard regularly, especially if you go snowboarding often or after an intense winter sports vacation.
The most ideal time to do your snowboard maintenance is at the end of the winter sports season. At that time, you can thoroughly clean your snowboard, wax it and repair any minor damages. This ensures that your snowboard is properly stored and ready for the next season.
Besides the end of the season, it is also recommended to maintain your snowboard after every 5 to 10 days of intensive use on the slopes. During snowboarding, the base and edges can wear down and dirt and excess wax can accumulate. By performing regular maintenance, you will maintain your snowboard's optimal performance and grip.

Snowboard maintenance accessories for sharpening

Regular snowboard sharpening is also part of board maintenance. How often you should sharpen depends on a number of factors. If the slope is very icy, it may be logical that the steel edge will become blunt and less sharp faster. Are the snow conditions bad and pebbles are coming through the snow? Then you will soon have burrs on the steel edge.

When you get started sharpening yourself, you need a number of tools such as files and deburring stones. For example, check out a Holmenkol Semi Edger and a Holmenkol Edge Trick. Are you looking for a complete set? Then a Holmenkol sharpening set is a good option.

Do snowboard maintenance yourself or have it done?

Whether you want to do snowboard maintenance yourself or have it done depends on your experience, skills and personal preference. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.
If you are handy and already have experience maintaining snowboards, you can choose to do the maintenance yourself. This allows you to maintain your snowboard regularly and at your own pace. It is a learning experience and you can save money on maintenance costs. There are many online resources and tutorials available to help you learn the proper techniques for cleaning, waxing and sharpening your snowboard.
On the other hand, if you are not familiar with snowboard maintenance or if you are not comfortable tinkering with your snowboard yourself, you can have maintenance done by a professional winter sports specialist. They have the right knowledge, skills and tools to thoroughly maintain your snowboard. Although having the maintenance done involves costs, you can be confident that your snowboard is in good hands and professionally maintained.

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