Welcome to the world of Jones

Jones has been known for years for their high quality jones snowboards. Under the watchful eye of Jeremy Jones they build high quality products such as, snowboard bags, snowboard bindings and the best men's and women's snowboards.

Jeremy Jones has been a professional snowboarder himself for many years. Jones has worked on movies on Netflix like, Higher, Further and Bigger. Jeremy Jones started this with 1 goal in mind; to make the best snowboards. Jones 's products must have a perfect balance between durability and performance. They also do all this with an eye for detail and winter preservation. They are also very focused on educating people about the dangers of avalanches and trying to prevent them.

Jones snowboard materiaal

The most popular boards from Jones

Jones best known board is probably the Jones Mountain Twin and the women's version of it: The Jones Twin Sister. For the most part, though, Jones 's line is focused on all-mountain and freeride snowboards. Think of real off piste boards and split boards. A well-known freeride snowboard from the series is the Jones Flagship. Jones also uses 3D techniques such as SPoon, where the nose has raised edges that create unprecedented float. Spoon also allows for an easier edge change between your heel & toe turn.

Jones Big Horn series for men with big feet

Jones With the Big Horn series we have created wider boards especially for men with big feet. These are also popularly called wide boards. Wide boards are recommended when your shoe size is larger than 44.5. When you stand on a "normal" snowboard with feet that are too big, your feet and heels stick out too far over the edge of the snowboard. When you put the board on its side, you will notice that your heels or the noses of the shoe touch the snow, causing you to lose grip. So do you have shoe size 44.5 or bigger? Choose a Jones snowboard from the Big Horn series.



What's new in the Jones collection for 2023

Also for the winter of 22/23 the collection of Jones. The Mountain Twin has a completely new shape for this year. This also applies to the ladies variant the Twin sister. It now has more SPin the nose and tail. New in the collection this year is Jones Stratos. A new all-mountain freeride & freestyle snowboard in a directional shape. The Jones Stratos has a playful board feel thanks to the narrow sidecut and friendly flex. In addition, the 10 mm tapered tail combined with the 3D contour base provides unprecedented float in powder.

Jones Backcountry safety

Besides a nice collection of normal snowboards they also have a lot of splitboards, In addition Jones gives a lot of information and tries to educate people on how to properly handle the mountains, nature and snow. How to act in case of an avalanche is also part of this.

Be well prepared on the slopes with accessories from Jones

Besides their extensive line of hardware, Jones they are also very good at safely transporting and storing your boards and bindings through snowboard bags and snowboard backpacks. They have backpacks in a small size to very large technical snowboard backpacks of up to 45L capacity. There are also several models suitable for an R.A.S. Airbag system, allowing you to turn your backpack into an avalanche backpack.

Jones Avalanche safety

Besides their wide range of snowboard products, they also fight hard to spread knowledge about safety on and off the slopes. There are the 5 basic rules, the so called 5 red flags to recognize possible avalanches and avoid getting into them. For example, pay attention to new snow, high winds and temperature. They also have a large collection of shovels, pagers and probes. The 3 units for anyone who wants to snowboard off piste.

Why buy Jones online at

We are extremely enthusiastic about Jones snowboards and have tested most models extensively ourselves. With a lot of fun! That's why we can advise you which type of Jones board is best for you and its length. Some Jones boards are longer than others. For example, a Mountain Twin or Twin Sister is 2-3 cm shorter than a Flagship. We are happy to help you choose the best Jones snowboard for you. We do this online and in our shop in Nijverdal. The boards are standard equipped with a small layer of wax. This might just be enough for one or two days. When you buy a Jones snowboard from us we wax the board with hot wax. This makes the board completely ready to go into the snow.

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