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All about TSG protection

TSG protection is a leading brand in the world of snowboard protection and specializes in the design and production of high-quality protection for action sports. TSG protection was founded in 1988 in Switzerland and has built a good reputation as a reliable producer of snowboard protection that combines comfort, safety and style.

TSG snowboard protection

In our collection TSG snowboard protection you will find different types of protection including snowboard helmets, back protectors and Crashpants. TSG works closely with professional snowboarders and designers to develop snowboard protection that meets the specific needs of snowboarders.

TSG snowboard helmets

One of the main products in our TSG collection are TSG snowboard helmets. TSG produces helmets in different styles and sizes for women and men. These TSG helmets are designed to be comfortable and well ventilated so snowboarders can stay well protected for long periods of time without overheating tasks or losing comfort. In addition, TSG snowboard helmets are equipped with various safety features such as a hardshell outer shell and a soft inner shell to absorb shock and reduce impact on the head.

TSG snowboard protectie

TSG protection for snowboarding

Besides snowboard helmets, TSG protection also offers several types of protectors for snowboarding. From experience, you probably know that a good TSG crash pant or back protector should not be missing from your snowboarding equipment. Especially for beginners, a crash pant is recommended. Do you regularly go off piste or dive into the funpark? Then a back protector is a must.

TSG Protection offers durable protection.

Another important aspect of TSG Protection is their focus on durability. The company is committed to minimizing their impact on the environment by using recycled and eco-friendly materials and processes. TSG Protection is also a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving working conditions in the garment industry.

TSG protectie

Why choose TSG protection?

There are several reasons why snowboarders choose to use TSG protection. First, TSG Protection has a long history of producing high-quality products designed with safety, comfort and style in mind. Because of this, you can be sure that with their products you are well protected from the dangers of extreme sports such as snowboarding.

In addition, TSG Protection is a brand that values innovation and research. The company is constantly working on improving their products and developing new technologies that contribute to even better protection. Because of this, you can be sure that with TSG Protection you are always using the latest and best protection products.

In short, TSG snowboard protection is a reliable and innovative brand that offers high-quality sports protection for snowboarders. With the products from TSG you can be sure that you are well protected against the dangers of these extreme sports and you can hit the slopes with confidence.

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