Snowboard maintenance tools

Everything you need to know about snowboard maintenance tools

Snowboard maintenance tools are essential to maintaining the performance and longevity of your snowboard. When you get down to the business of maintaining your snowboard yourself, you need a number of items to do the maintenance properly. Below is an overview of different types of tools used for snowboard maintenance and what you need to know about them.

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Snowboard clamps to secure your snowboard

Clamps are useful tools to keep your snowboard firmly in place while waxing or sharpening. They provide stability and prevent your board from slipping during the maintenance process, allowing for even treatment.

Waxing tables for waxing your snowboard

Waxing tables are special tables designed for waxing snowboards and skis. They provide a flat and stable surface on which to place your snowboard for waxing. These tables are often equipped with clamps and adjustable features for maximum convenience during waxing.

Wax brushes to brush the base of your snowboard

Wax brushes are important tools for cleaning and polishing the belay of your snowboard. They are used to remove wax residue and dirt after waxing and provide a smooth finish on the belay. Different brushes have different properties, such as nylon brushes for removing excess wax and brass brushes for cleaning the belay.

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Wax scrapers

Wax scrapers are flat tools used to remove excess wax from the belay of your snowboard after application. They provide a smooth and even wax layer and improve the gliding performance of your board. Wax scrapers are available in different materials, such as plastic, metal and acrylic, and can be chosen based on personal preference and the specific application.

Wax irons for hot wax.

Wax irons are heat tools used to apply wax evenly to the belay of your snowboard. They melt the wax and spread it over the surface of the belay for optimal coverage and absorption. Wax irons come in different sizes and shapes and are designed to be easy to handle and maintain an even temperature while waxing.

Regular use of these snowboard maintenance tools will not only improve the performance of your snowboard, but also extend its life, allowing you to enjoy your favorite winter sports activities for longer.

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