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Smith helmets: Increased Safety and Style on the Slopes

When it comes to snowboarding, safety is paramount, and the choice of your helmet plays a crucial role in protecting your head during exhilarating descents on the slopes. Smith helmets stand out as a top choice for snowboarders striving for the perfect combination of safety, comfort and style.

Smith has built a reputation for producing high-quality helmets that prioritize both protection and innovation. These helmets are carefully designed using advanced technologies and materials, equipping you with the best possible head protection during your snowboarding adventures.

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Smith helmets with MIPS

One of the main advantages of Smith helmets is their focus on safety. Every Smith helmet is designed to meet or even exceed industry safety standards, giving you peace of mind as you explore the slopes. With features such as MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), Smith helmets are designed to reduce rotational forces during impact, improving overall protection.

Comfort is another area in which Smith helmets excel. Their ergonomic designs offer a snug fit without compromising on comfort. Many Smith helmets feature adjustable ventilation systems, allowing you to regulate airflow and maintain a comfortable temperature while snowboarding.

Smith helmets in different styles

In addition to their safety and comfort features, Smith helmets offer a wide range of styles to suit your individual preferences. Whether you like sleek and modern designs or bold and vibrant patterns, there is a Smith helmet to suit your unique style. This means you can ride with confidence while expressing your personal flair.

Smith is also known for incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their helmets. Features such as Koroyd, a highly breathable and impact-resistant material, are incorporated to enhance protection without sacrificing ventilation. This dedication to innovation ensures that you get a helmet that is not only stylish and safe, but also equipped with the latest advances in snowboarding equipment.

smith helmen

Smith Maze and Allure ski and snowboard helmet for men and women.

The Smith Maze is perhaps the most popular ski helmet in our collection. This helmet has an In-Mold construction which makes it one of the lightest ski helmets on the market. The size of this helmet can be adjusted by means of an elastic band that can be set in three positions. The shell appears to be completely closed but because of the Airevac technology, the snowboard helmet ventilates well. In addition, fresh air is pushed into the goggles, keeping the lens free of condensation. The women's version of the Maze is the Smith Allure. Exactly the same helmet. The earpads have a slightly softer finish and they come in feminine colors.

Smith Holt helmet

The Smith Holt is the entry-level model from SmithOptics' collection. The helmet is strong and robust because it is constructed with a Hardshell. This makes the outer shell hard but a bit heavier. Ideal for the freestyle snowboarders among us. The Smith Holt is adjustable with an elastic band and ventilates well with the Airevac ventilation system. This keeps your head cool and your goggle condensation-free.

Smith Scout helmet with flap

If you think a helmet with flap is only for snowboards, you're wrong. The Smith Scout is for skiers as well as snowboarders. This strong helmet is a tough and adult helmet but at a soft price. In addition, the helmet is adjustable and equipped with the Airevac ventilation system.

Smith combine helmet with ski goggles

If you want to get it absolutely perfect, combine a Smith helmet with ski goggles of the same brand. The advantage of this is that they fit together perfectly. This allows the goggle to ventilate better so the lens does not fog up and there is no unsightly gap between the goggle and the helmet. Ski goggles from Smith just like the helmets come in many different color sizes.

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