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Looking for a new set of Rome bindings? Then you've come to the right place at Besides high-end snowboard bindings, they also come with Rome snowboards. Snowboard bindings are the most important link between you and your board. Rome realizes this like no other and therefore uses the best materials combined with infinite adjustability. The right Rome snowboard bindings, if properly adjusted to your boots, improve your ability to control your board and makes riding much more comfortable.

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Rome bindings with straps

At Rome bindings, they believe the classic straps are the right choice no matter what type of rider you are. It's a tried and trusted technology that Rome and their team of riders have been perfecting for more than a decade. Although not as noticeable as with snowboard boots, each Rome binding has its own degree of flex. This is due to the materials used in the baseplate, highback and strap. This sets Rome bindings apart from the rest.

A binding for every style: Rome

Stiffer Rome bindings like the Rome Black Label and the brand new Rome Cleaver offer maximum response. This is due to the use of stiff but light materials. As a result, energy is transferred directly to the edges of the board. For example, the highback as well as the baseplate of these two bindings are made of carbon reinforced with nylon. If you want to ride big lines on the slopes or jump big kickers, you will really appreciate the stiffness of these Rome bindings.

Rome Bindings with a medium flex like the Rome D.O.D. and the 390 Bos and Crux are more forgiving. When you make a mistake you will be less likely to be punished. In addition, the bindings make it easier to tweak your trick when you want to style some rails or jumps.

Are you more of an all mountain rider? Then a Rome binding with a medium flex is very suitable. Think of the popular Rome katana and the Vice.

What makes Rome bindings so popular?

Rome bindings come with two variations on the heel cup design that curve all the way around the side of the bindings in a system called Rome Underwrap

Bindings with a Fullwrap

The Fullwrap is the classic symmetrical heel cup from Rome. It prioritizes power transfer and provides maximum support for the aggressive snowboarder.

Bindings with an AsymWrap

The AsymRwap is an innovative design that is shorter on one side. This provides a "looser," more skate-like riding experience.

Maximum grip in bindings through AuxTec® straps

Where Rome bindings also stand out from the rest are the straps. AuxTec® straps are the result of years of refining and rethinking how binding components work. In doing so, Rome sets the goal of improving the grip and durability of bindings. Auxetic patterns are geometric patterns that thicken perpendicularly when stretched. Think of it as a network of tiny hinges that open and expand when pressure is applied. This creates a more direct connection to your snowboard boot. Better pressure distribution across the surface with an ergonomic shape means a better overall connection. The one-piece, one-material design also means greater durability regardless of conditions

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