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Burton Gloves: Maximum Protection and Performance for Your Hands on the Mountain

If you are looking for the ultimate protection and performance for your hands while snowboarding, Burton gloves are the ideal choice. As a leading brand in the snowboarding industry, Burton understands the unique needs of snowboarders like no other. Burton gloves are designed with a focus on functionality, comfort and durability to keep your hands warm, dry and protected even in the most challenging conditions on the mountain. In this category text, we dive deeper into the world of Burton gloves and discover why they are indispensable for any serious snowboarder.

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Protection from the Elements

When you're on the mountain, you're exposed to the elements - cold temperatures, wind, snow and humidity. Burton gloves are designed to protect your hands from all these challenges so you can fully concentrate on your ride. These gloves feature advanced materials and technologies such as Gore-Tex® and DRYRIDE™, which provide waterproofing and breathability. This keeps your hands dry and comfortable, even in wet and winter conditions.

Insulation for Warmth and Comfort.

Cold hands can spoil your fun on the mountain. Burton gloves are insulated with materials like Thermacore™ and Thermolite®, which provide excellent warmth without adding extra bulk. These layers of insulation keep your hands warm and comfortable, even during the coldest days on the mountain.

burton snowboardhandschoenen

Burton snowboard gloves have Functional Designs for Performance

Burton understands that functionality is essential for snowboarders. That's why the gloves feature thoughtful designs tailored to the needs of active riders. They have grippy palms and fingers so you can hold your snowboard and other equipment securely. Some models also have special features, such as a zipper pocket for storing your ski pass or hand warmers to add extra warmth on really cold days.

Versatile Options for Diverse Preferences

Burton offers a variety of gloves so you can choose what suits you best. Whether you're looking for a technical glove for off-piste adventures, a light and flexible glove for park riding, or a warm and waterproof glove for longer days on the mountain, Burton has the right option for you.

Burton Gloves should not be missing from your snowboarding equipment

In addition to functionality and performance, Burton gloves also offer stylish designs that perfectly match your snowboard outfit. With a wide range of colors, patterns and logos, you can choose a glove that complements your personal style and expresses your own identity. Burton gloves complement your overall snowboarding gear and ensure that you not only look good, but are optimally equipped for your snowboarding adventures.


If you are looking for the ultimate protection and performance for your hands while snowboarding, Burton gloves are the best choice. With their advanced materials, insulation, functionality and stylish designs, Burton gloves offer everything you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable even in the most challenging conditions on the mountain. Choose the quality and reliability of Burton gloves and enjoy your snowboarding adventures without worrying about your hands.

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