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Discover the Technical Splendor of Picture Snowboard Jackets: Waterproof and Breathable for Optimal Comfort

If you're looking for high-quality snowboard jackets that are both technically advanced and stylish, Picture Organic Clothing is your brand. With their uncompromising approach to technical innovation and environmental consciousness, Picture offers an extensive collection of snowboard jackets to meet all your needs. In this SEO-optimized text, we dive deeper into the technical features of Picture snowboard jackets, focusing on waterproofing and breathability.

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Picture snowboard jackets are Waterproof: Staying Dry, Whatever Happens

Picture snowboard jackets are designed with advanced waterproof technologies to keep you dry during all your snowboarding adventures. The jackets feature a waterproof and breathable membrane layer, such as Gore-Tex or Dryplay, that keeps water from penetrating while wicking away moisture and sweat from the inside. This keeps you comfortable and dry even in the most challenging weather conditions, such as snow showers or sleet.

Picture uses high-quality materials and taped seams to ensure the waterproofing of their jackets. The water column, measured in millimeters, indicates the degree of water resistance. Picture snowboard jackets usually have a water column of 10,000 mm or higher, meaning they can withstand heavy rain and snow. This makes them ideal for prolonged exposure to wet conditions and intensive snowboarding.

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Picture Snowboard jackets are breathable: Staying Comfortable and Fresh

In addition to waterproofing, breathability is an essential feature of Picture snowboard jackets. The breathable membrane in the jacket allows moisture and heat to escape, allowing your body to breathe and keeping you from overheating during intense activities. This prevents your clothing from getting clammy from the inside and keeps you comfortable and fresh, even during long days on the mountain.

The breathability of Picture snowboard jackets is often referred to as "MVTR" (moisture vapor transmission rate), measured in grams per square meter per 24 hours. The higher the MVTR number, the better the jacket wicks away moisture. Picture jackets usually have a high MVTR number, meaning they are highly breathable and ideal for active snowboarders.

Technical Details: Everything for Your Snowboarding Adventures

Besides waterproofing and breathability, Picture snowboard jackets feature plenty of technical details that take your snowboarding experience to the next level. Think adjustable hood, boot gaiters, ventilation zippers, and numerous pockets for storing your essentials. These technical details are designed to protect you from the elements while providing convenience and functionality.


Picture Organic Clothing has set a new standard in the snowboarding world with its technically advanced snowboard jackets. With their waterproofing and breathability, you are guaranteed comfort and protection during your snowboarding adventures. The attention to detail and technical innovation make Picture snowboard jackets a must-have for every snowboarder looking for top performance and style on the mountain. Choose Picture and experience the perfect combination of technical splendor and environmental consciousness in your snowboarding apparel.