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SPY+, the brand behind the too-crazy SPy Goggles, was founded in 1994 in San Diego and stems from the intersection of cultures that characterize California's youth. The name SPY+ represents the role as the guardians of this culture. The cross and orange color are universal symbols of positivity and good vibes. As suppliers of outstanding ski goggles and snowboard goggles, the endless pursuit of positive cultural evolution is symbolized by these tools that have a profound impact on how you see the world. The world-famous Happy™ Lens Tech, found in most SPy goggles, is the only patented therapeutic lens on the market that not only enhances color and contrast, but is also scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness, delivering a visual experience unlike any other.

spy goggles

SPy goggle for great contrast in the snow

Each SPy goggle or ski goggle combines a unique design with a great fit, crystal clear vision and best-in-class technical features... so that even the harshest conditions don't spoil your fun. The cause of crystal clear vision with scratch is in the technical lenses. The HD and SPy Happy lenses make sure you can keep on riding in all conditions so you get even more out of your day.

SPy ski goggles with Happy lenses

Say goodbye to boring terrain and say hello to a life-changing vision on the slopes. The patented Happy™ Lens Tech is designed to enhance colors and highlight changes in terrain while increasing mood and alertness for a game-changing snow sliding experience. See the difference below.

SPy goggles with even more contrast through Happy Boost

SPy Goggles set the bar pretty high with the groundbreaking HAPPY® Lens Technology, but they wanted to see what else they could offer. More color, better visual acuity and comfort, and better glare protection. All on top of the therapeutic benefits that the HAPPY Lens Technology already offered. It was an incredibly difficult challenge, but they succeeded and SPy believes this lens will set the new standard in goggles.

SPy goggles met happy lens

Development of the SPy ski goggles with Happy Boost lenses

SPy Goggles used software that analyzes millions of color combinations and takes into account the time of day and different weather conditions. SPy+ implemented the ideal visual experience they wanted to achieve and were able to test over 10,000,000 color combinations to create the perfect lens.

HAPPY BOOST enhances ALL colors by 30% compared to the naked eye while maintaining white balance. This means objects that are white stay white. The closest competitor to HAPPY BOOST enhances colors unevenly by 15% compared to the naked eye. What is lost? Yes, you guessed it.... white balance. This means unnatural, unrealistic color enhancement.

Popular SPy goggles with interchangeable lenses

In our collection of SPy goggles, you'll find the most popular models with both spherical and cylindrical lenses. Like the SPy Raider with its classic look in both men's and women's prints. Or go for maximum visibility by choosing a larger model SPy goggle like the SPy Marauder or the Lagacy.

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Looking for a great SPy goggle? In our collection of snowboard goggles you will find the coolest models. Do you know which SPy goggle you want to buy? Then order them safe and quick online. Would you rather admire the SPy goggles in real life? Come by our snowboard shop.

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