Bataleon buy bindings

Of course we know the brand Bataleon of snowboards with 3D shape technology. They have been leading in this field for 19 years. But did you know that they also develop very good snowboard bindings? If you look closely, you'll see that Bataleon bindings are similar to Rome bindings. In 2018, Rome was added to the Low Pressure Studio brand portfolio, which also includes Bataleon. Because of this, you will find a number of specifications in Bataleon bindings that have been in the back of their minds for years and have been developed several times. So the quality is guaranteed!

bataleon bindingen

Bataleon bindings with Underwrap Technology

The new Bataleon bindings are based on the Hybrid Chassis. They combine an aluminum frame with a composite injected base to create the most dynamically flexing binding possible. The Hybrid Chassis is now available in 2 different flavors The Fullwrap Aluminum frame is connected to 4 points on the composite base. This maximizes connectivity to the board for lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a locked-in feel. The Asymwrap frame of a Batalon binding is connected to 3 points on the composite base. This provides a slightly milder side-to-side flex without sacrificing heel-to-toe control.

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Bataleon snowboard bindings with 3D Flex

The smallest possible binding footprint, with as little hard plastic touching the board as possible, ensures that you ride the snowboard the way it was designed. Bataleon bindings allow the snowboard to perform all of its dynamic characteristics without being constrained or distorted. Ride your board, not your Bataleon binding!