Airblaster Ninja Suits

Always warm with Airblaster Ninja Suits

Sometimes you come across items that you think; that's not for me. Until you've tried or experienced it once. The airblaster Ninja Suits is such an item. No more pulling up shirts or sagging thermal pants. Airblaster Ninja Suits fit like a glove and keep you comfortably warm and dry while you enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

Airblaster Ninja suits for ladies

Ever suffer from a cold and bare back while snowboarding? Nothing is more annoying than a bare back when you sit with your butt in the snow to tighten your bindings. Thankfully, with Airblaster Ninja Suits, that's a thing of the past. Airblaster has adapted the Ninja Suit for women to a woman-specific fit. In addition, you can choose a Airblaster Ninja Suit with hood or without. Do you have long hair or a nice ponytail? Airblaster has thought of that too! On the back of the hood is an opening to let your hair stick out. Smart!

Airblaster Ninja Suits

airblaster ninja suits

Airblaster Ninja Suits in awesome colors and prints

Airblaster is known for awesome prints and color combinations. This is no different for the Ninja Suist. Of course you can also go safe and choose black, but what's more fun to take off your jacket during the apres ski and show off your awesome Airblaster Ninja Suit

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